Makana Media

Given our experience in the internet advertising space, we recognize our strengths and are able to translate and share our effectiveness with our clients to exceed their expectations. Makana Media manages all of these areas of practice either completely in-house or with the assistance of associates whom we have worked with for many years. In all cases, our clients maintain complete control of their campaigns and receive daily status on our efforts.

Campaign Management
Online advertising opportunities have grown exponentially over the last several years and thus the definition of an “online marketing campaign” has become more complex to define. At Makana Media, we like to get back to the “roots” so-to-speak and keep things simple for our clients by using all-encompassing effort to reach their campaign goals without isolating one vertices or one form of media. We believe opportunities exist with all forms of media and within all outlets of available inventory. Thus, we seek to deliver on the whole and not just one piece of the pie.
Search Engine Marketing
Simply stated, we help maximize a client’s marketing campaign by going the extra mile to track, analyze, and optimize their keyword pool. The objective with SEM is to be highly customized while being highly mobile to maximize opportunities that become evident. We work with all major (and lessor) search engines to draw highly targeted users to our clients. We also provide Search Engine Optimization to increase your natural search rankings. Inquire if interested…
Email Marketing
Given the current landscape of email marketing, companies need to be very careful about their email marketing efforts. If utilized properly, email marketing can produce high volume and high quality users to deliver tremendous results. Makana Media only works with ethical and reputable email marketers who are 100% CAN SPAM compliant.
Co-Registration and Lead Generation
Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, acquire sales leads or simply acquire new customers, Makana Media can design and implement an advertising program that will achieve your goals. We work with the highest-quality lead providers in the industry and can design a campaign that will deliver your product offering across multiple channels. Accordingly, we track, validate, and analyze all lead delivery to ensure our clients are working with the best publishers for their media.
Creative Development
How many times can you see the same, non-engaging banner creative before it merely blends into the background of a web page? Yeah, we feel the same way! Banner creative and brand messaging are critical in filtering the vast internet population which exists today. Whether you desire to be in front of MySpacers or even some niche content site, we seek to design creative to best deliver our client’s messaging to the audience we are targeting.
Landing Page Development/Optimization
Recognizing that different individuals respond differently to certain language, visual concepts and other elements of web design, we function to maximize the eyeballs and traffic landing at our client’s doorsteps. Thus, we provide extraneous development and analysis of landing page creative to benefit the corresponding media placements on behalf of the client.